February 11, 2009

Improved Ballot Systems Needed To Provide For Overseas Military Voting

By: Office of Public Information Staff
A new report released last month concludes that half the states need to improve their ballot systems to give overseas military time to vote.

The report, "Make Voting Work," found that 16 states and the District of Columbia do not give overseas military personnel enough time to vote, and another three states cut it so closely that their ballots are also at risk. In Alabama, which needs the longest time among states to send and receive ballots, it takes 88 days to cast an overseas military vote. Alabama requires three mailings: first, from a soldier requesting a ballot, again when the state sends it, and once more to send in the ballot.

The states that process an overseas military vote in the shortest time are Arizona, Kansas, New Mexico and Rhode Island, with just eight days needed to complete the voting process, according to the report. These states are among 19 that allow completed ballots to be returned by fax or e-mail.

To read the full report online, go to this link .

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