September 20, 2007


by Sheila McCant, Public Information Officer
The field has narrowed in the race for state Senate District 6. State Reps. Diane Winston and Alex Heaton withdrew from the race last Friday and a district judge ruled that same day that candidate Mary Lou McCall does not live in the district and therefore is ineligible to be a candidate for election. McCall, who had 24 hours in which to file a notice of appeal, did not do so. Remaining candidates are incumbent Julie Quinn, Doug Johnson, and Monica Monica.

Also on Friday, State Rep. Terrell Harris withdrew from the House District 87 race, as did Kent Smith. This leaves Girod Jackson unopposed.

In another court case, the First Circuit Court of Appeal overturned District Court Judge Don Johnson's ruling that state Senator Cleo Fields was eligible to run for re-election. Fields is expected to appeal the decision to the Louisiana Supreme Court and has 48 hours from the time of the ruling in which to ask for the review. A lawsuit was filed alleging that Fields is not eligible to run for re-election due to term limits. He was elected during a special election in December, 1997 and took the oath of office from the Secretary of State that same month but wasn't sworn in on the Senate floor until January. Attorneys for the plaintiffs contend that the oath on the floor of the Senate is merely ceremonial.

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