April 19, 2007


by Sheila McCant, Public Information Officer
The results of the In the Loop poll, "Which Will Help Provide Available and Affordable Insurance in Louisiana" have been tabulated.
The majority of those voting believe that a state-run catastrophe fund and abolition of the Insurance Rating Commission will accomplish this goal. The next highest vote getters were maintaining the state building code and allowing a variation of deductibles across the state.
The poll allowed for multiple responses.

State Run Catastrophic Fund 41%
State and/or Federal Regulation of Insurance Providers 29%
Abolition of the Insurance Rating Commission 41%
Maintaining the Recently Enacted State Building Code 35%
State Incentive to Companies Writing Policies Along
the Coast 29%
Reforming Citizens Property Insurance Corporation 18%
Allow Variation of Deductibles in Different Areas
of the State 35%

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